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Business-to-Business Sales Support
Services for the Hard-to-Sell

If you have a hard-to-sell product or service and need help building or re-qualifying your sales pipeline or growing sales, Meta is the right choice. Meta specializes in the hard-to-sell – products & services that are expensive, involve multiple influencers & decision-makers, and have a long sales-cycle. We have extensive experience serving clients in the IT services, software, manufacturing, and management consulting sectors since 1992. Meta was a pioneer in the B2B sales prospecting profession and continues provide innovative and highly-effective solutions for its clients – solutions that work well in tighter markets and a lean economy.

In addition to providing services to overcome many of the issues that exist at the front-end of the sales process, Meta's founder recently announced a new product to address the growing issue that exists at the back-end of the sales process – increasing close rates in markets with growing and stiff competition. Announced in 2012, SellVantage™ is a strategic selling tool specifically designed to improve sales productivity, close rates, and the forecastability of complex sales. (SellVantage info.)

Meta's Services Include

Execution Services

  • Sales pipeline building, incl. sales appointment setting
  • Sales pipeline & forecast audits and problem account identification
  • Strategic account penetration & due-diligence
  • Lead follow-up, qualification & nurturing
  • Event (webinar, seminar) attendee recruiting
  • Market intelligence gathering (concept & message testing)

Support Services

  • Sales database specification, counts, acquisition & segmentation
  • Multiple database/list consolidation & duplicate reconciliation
  • Database clean-up and target contact (buyer) identification
  • Account maintenance & nurturing

Consulting Services

  • Business & Sales Growth Program
  • Sales & marketing strategy definition
  • Target market identification & optimization
  • Sales & marketing message development
  • Consultative exploration & qualification question development

Why Meta is Better


  • Meta uses a unique prospecting method (TeleProspecting®) that generates more closable opportunities for your investment.
  • Meta generates better quality opportunities -- eliminating the prospects who waste your time and frequently never close.
  • Meta identifies all buying opportunities in larger multi-sale opportunity accounts.
  • Meta's uncovers more new business in saturated & mature markets.
  • Meta's unique "pain" based prospecting approach identifies more sales opportunities in your market by also uncovering non-shoppers with a business issue you can address.


  • Meta thoroughly filters out all "bad fit" and unqualified opportunities, so you don't waste your time pursuing prospects you can't ultimately sell and service.
  • Meta employs a top-down targeting approach, quickly identifying & pursuing the economic or operational buyer
  • Meta fully explores and documents the reason(s) and need(s) for your solution, helping your sales team quickly gain traction in accounts.
  • Meta practices "continuous improvement" on all client campaigns, ever-improving their execution (targeting, database, messaging, etc.) and results.


  • Meta developed and employs a unique & proven approach to sales prospecting called TeleProspecting® that produces more and higher quality sales opportunities.
  • Meta's "hybrid" campaigns pursue the opportunities that typically get missed, greatly increasing the return on your investment.
  • Meta can fully "map" complex buying teams -- identifying the decision-makers, their rolls, and perspectives.
  • Meta maintains a "contact trail", recording the referral path to identify those targeted and flags the contact information fields that have been updated.
  • Meta employs a database pre-processor which identifies duplicate opportunities, consolidates multiple contacts into common records to streamline targeting, and eliminates redundant and embarrassing calls that can damage prospect relationships.


  • Meta is able to ramp up and generate quick results since we don't require in-depth technical training on your product or service becasue our approach focuses on business issues, not product features and technology.
  • Meta employs a rules-based prospecting contact scheduler to optimize prospecting efforts, maximize conversion rate, and insure that no opportunity slips between the cracks.
  • Meta delivers market intelligence and salient points of interest about your market and the competition, valueable in marketing and product refinement.

What Meta's Clients Say

“You’re definitely better than the others we’ve used. The difference is your process. I’m very pleased with the results"

Marc Digiorgio, VP Sales & Marketing

“Our products are highly technical and specialized. We chose Meta because its TeleProspecting group had IT and Engineering experience - Meta speaks the language of our customers"

Dan Meyer, Director of Field Marketing Programs
at EDS/PLM, formerly SDRC

"Your prospector's ability to get through to the people we've been unable to reach in key accounts is a critical value to our company"

Carl Benscoter, VP of Sales & Business Development
iScopia Software

"We really couldn't be more pleased with the number of sales opportunities you generated and the market intelligence you gathered"

Larry Ku, President, Premier Business
Fiserv (Banking solutions company)

"Of the 24 opportunities you discovered for us in a short period of time, 10 resulted in proposals being sent out, 6 resulted in new business, and we're still pursing the others"

Larry Van Tuyl, VP of Sales
Full Service Networking

"I've done hundreds, maybe a thousand of webcasts and I've never seen this kind of participation. Out of the 117 registrants you generated, 88 attended the webcast and 41 resulted in sales calls"

Gary Brand, Director of Partner Programs

"Every sales call you've set up for us has gone well. My salesmen really like the depth of your notes and the information your provide and the way you schedule our sales calls"

Nate Wolley, President
Contexxt, Inc.

Check out Meta's sales & marketing help blog.

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