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About Meta Marketing

Since 1992 Meta Marketing has been helping companies with hard-to-sell offerings reach their sales goals. Meta is a no-nonsense, process-driven company, focused on providing measurable and reproducible results for its clients. Our clients and their successes are our best advocates. For more about Meta's clients and what they say about working with us, please refer to our referral letters and testimonials.

Meta works with organizations from small start-up companies to global Fortune 500 corporations in North America and Western Europe. We have experience selling and marketing into most markets ranging from information-technology and manufacturing, to academia and government. Major markets in which we have experience include:

Design, Engineering, Analysis & Rapid Prototyping
Manufacturing & Supply Chain
Telecommunications, Networking & Managed Services
Financial, Banking, Insurance & Real Estate
CRM & Business Process Automation
Software Development, IT Consulting & IT Staffing/Recruiting
Internet Solutions & eSecurity
Corp. Consulting, Regulatory Compliance, Legal & Professional Services
Training, Sales Management & Incentives
Government (Federal, State, County, City & Local)
New Markets, Upstarts & Venture Funded
Sales & Marketing Event Attendee Recruitment

Major companies with which we have worked include, but are limited to: SunGard Data Systems, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Keane, Convergys, Manhattan Associates, LexisNexis, Jack Henry & Assoc., The Manpower Group, Cincom Systems, and CMP Media. We have also worked on campaigns sponsored or co-funded by technology giants like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, EMC, Cognos, and Citirx.

Our clients tell us that the best way to maximize the revenue-generating power of their sales force is by providing their sales reps with a steady stream of highly-qualified sales opportunities. This allows the representatives to focus on closing business rather than on cold-calling. Let Meta do the dirty work while you leverage the full potential of your sales force.

A referral given by a Meta client:
“The teleprospecting firm I have used on several occasions is a firm out of Ohio called Meta Marketing. The fellow I dealt with was Jonathan Head, and I must say that my clients were very satisfied with their performance and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them for your application.”

John Burke, VP of Partner Development, National Sales Pros


Meta can help you:

  • Increase the quantity and/or quality of sales opportunities
  • Boost "conversion" and win-rate
  • Improve the size of deals
  • Reduce sales-cycle
  • Attain sales goals
  • Thoroughly penetrate ("mine") your market
  • Ramp-up quickly or provide a quick success
  • Complete a feasibility study
  • Gain insight into a market or the competition
  • Augment internal resources for a project or sporadic demand
  • Gain access to and qualify high-level executives
  • Rectify high marketing costs and ineffective marketing programs
  • Improve targeting & messaging; as well as, set-up campaigns
  • Address insufficient or poor-quality databases
  • Consolidate and/or clean-up database(s)

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