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Preparing for a Calling Campaign

If you are preparing to do a sales prospecting or event recruitment campaign, here are some things to consider to maximize the effectiveness of your effort.

Summarize your objectives:

  • What are you trying to accomplish, ultimately?
  • Roughly, how many "prospects" will be needed to satisfy the campaign?
  • Define your run-rate -- how many "prospects" will you need to generate each week.
  • What criteria will you use to judge the quality of prospects

What is your experience with this type of campaign?

  • What has worked well in the past that should be repeated?
  • What hasn't worked well and should be avoided?

Define your offering, market, and target contact(s)

  • What product(s) and/or service(s) are involved?
  • What market segment(s) or verticals are to be targeted?
  • What geography is affected?
  • What title(s) and/or function(s) are to be targeted (consider the economic, technical, & user buyers)?
  • Where will the target contact be found in the targeted organizations (e.g., headquarters, in a specific department or each company location)?
  • What basic criteria should be used to filter out bad records/suspects?

How do you plan on positioning your offering / event?

  • What is the value proposition?
  • What buyer problem(s) are solved?
  • How is your solution better than competing solutions?

What fulfillment materials do you plan on providing? Examples are given for each type of campaign:

Sales prospecting campaign

  • Corporate capabilities brochure
  • Product/Service data sheets
  • Success and/or reference stories
  • Customer application articles

Event recruitment campaign

  • Value of attending
  • Event logistics (when, where, duration, etc.)
  • Agenda
  • Driving instructions and/or housing information

Where will you obtain your target market database(s)?

  • In-house list
  • Tradeshow leads
  • Advertisement interest
  • Outside list/database broker
  • Outside sales-support vendor (Meta)

How big of a database will you need?

  • Most sales prospecting campaigns require a minimum of 300-500 suspects.
  • For event recruitment campaigns, assume a conversion rate of from 2-5% (suspects to registrants).

Define the campaign logistics:

  • When do you need to launch the campaign?
  • What will the duration of the campaign be?
  • How many callers will need to be involved?

What marketing activity is your company currently doing in this market space that could impact this campaign?

How might this campaign impact your indirect channel?

What caller training be needed?

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