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Sales Database Building & Clean-up

Database Research & Acquisition

  • Researches and acquires sales prospecting databases matching clients’ targeting criteria.
  • Ideal for augmenting your “house” list/DB, empowering a new sales rep, building a new sales territory, pursuing a new market, or introducing a new offering.
  • Meta has considerable experience obtaining 100s of DBs for clients from dozens of DB providers, each with their own niche’ and specialization.
  • We will help you scope your DB needs and requirements, then research your options.
  • We will provide you with a list of the most appropriate DBs, their advantages, record counts, and acquisition costs.
  • Upon DB selection and delivery, we will standardize the fields and convert the DB to the file format you need for import.
  • If desired, we can dedupe the new DB against your existing DBs.
  • Databases remain the sole property of the client and are never resold or reused.

Database Building & Clean-Up

  • Skilled callers leverage proven calling techniques and the internet to quickly and effectively verify & update each of your DB records.
  • Significantly improves the productivity of your marketing and selling efforts.
  • Identifies desired (targeted) individuals by title or Area-of-Responsibility.
  • Updates and verifies contact information, including email address, when available.
  • Looks-up missing phone numbers, if desired.
  • Identifies multiple sales suspect opportunities (targeting units) in each organization.
  • Identifies headquarters locations when only branch or plant information is provided.
  • Can filter each suspect opportunity for fit using criteria such as line-of-business, organization size, and location of headquarters.
  • Leverages TELE-QUAL®, Meta’s proprietary opportunity tracking system to capture & update information and insure information consistency, accuracy & quality.

Database Repair, Duplicate Record Handling, and DB Optimization & Reporting

  • Fast and accurate rules/software-based DB repair and clean-up.
  • Identifies records that have missing or incomplete phone numbers or mailing addresses, reducing telemarketing and direct mail costs.
  • Removes blank records and those missing key information, if desired.
  • Flags or removes exact duplicate records based on your criteria, e.g., contact name, org name, org location, and phone number.
  • Identifies possible duplicate records and provides duplicate reconciliation, optional.
  • Retained duplicate records can be assigned “smart” dupe flag showing reason for dupe.
  • Can parse full names into individual fields; prefix, first, initial, last & suffix.
  • Can flip names in European format (last, first) into US format or individual fields.
  • Punctuates phone and fax numbers and assigns time-zone to optimize calling efforts.
  • Assigns missing name prefixes’ (Mr./Ms. – 95% accurate) for formal direct mailings.
  • Repairs zip-codes damaged by Excel file exports.
  • Can locate & eliminate unrecognizable control characters in data that cause problems.
  • Can assign a unique record identifier to each record for opportunity tracking/sorting.
  • Sorts, prioritizes, and/or segments DB to optimize your marketing and selling efforts, e.g., by org name or location, sales territory, sales revenue, line-of-business, etc.
  • Can generate reports on counts and data variations based on your criteria to aid in decision-making.
  • Leverages TELE-QUAL®, Meta’s proprietary opportunity tracking system to quickly identify & reconcile duplicate records and insure information accuracy & quality.

Database Standardization, Consolidation & Record “Splitting”

  • Quickly converts multiple DB files in different file formats, including Excel Worksheets, into a single uniform and cohesive DB file.
  • Ideal for CRM system implementations requiring a single standardized customer/prospect DB.
  • Standardizes field names and field data based on your requirements.
  • Can split records containing multiple contact names into separate new records.
  • Can document alternate contact info. in duplicate records into a master org record.
  • For duplicate handling see “Record Repair, Duplicate Handling...”, above

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