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Intelligence Gathering

Target Market Potential Assessment

  • Assesses market size, share, and future/remaining value of a target market.
  • Ideal for selecting, assessing, and prioritizing your target markets.
  • Ideal for assessing the applicability of new offering(s) and/or new markets.
  • Identifies the individuals (decision-makers) best to target.
  • Identifies buying potential and reasons driving buying interest (need).
  • Helps to determine future prospect conversion and sales win rates.
  • Identifies required and desired capabilities (ideal for validating/enhancing offering).
  • Identifies initiatives, projects, budgets, and time-lines for later follow-up.
  • Identifies competitive “players”, penetration, strengths & weaknesses.
  • Identifies pricing expectations helpful in establishing/confirming price points.
  • Typically performed “blind” (without divulging your company’s name).

Market Opportunity Buyer Screening

  • Similar to a TeleProspecting® campaign, except focuses on gathering intelligence about current and future buying opportunities without divulging the name of your company.
  • Identifies “low hanging fruit”, near-term, and future interest.
  • Explores buying situations for their need and interest level.
  • Identifies functionality, capabilities, and requirements being sought.
  • Identifies active buying opportunities, buying teams, budgets, and purchase time-frames.
  • Identifies key evaluation criteria and specific competitors sharing your market space.
  • Identifies decision-makers; as well as, key influencers.
  • Tests and optimizes campaign messaging and any “pain statements”.
  • Gathers market intelligence on business issues, buying factors, and evaluation criteria.
  • Survey can be performed “blind” (without divulging client’s name).

Intelligence Gathering

  • Traditional marketing survey to increase your knowledge about your market(s).
  • Targets one or more markets(s) or a list of candidate “opportunities”.
  • Can identify the multiple best sales opportunities within targeted organizations.
  • Identifies the appropriate target contacts (decision-makers) to complete survey.
  • Appropriate for when the client has a predefined list of questions to ask or topics to explore. (Meta can assist client in development & refinement of questions.)
  • Performed blind, without divulging your company’s name.
  • Can compile responses, present summary findings, or provide a market assessment.

Sale Recovery & Lost Sale Analysis

  • Investigates problematic and lost sales opportunities.
  • Provides insight into your offering, buyer’s perceptions, your selling technique, etc.
  • Aids in rescuing “lost” opportunities and improving future sales positioning.
  • Divulges selection criteria and preferred/selected competitive solution.
  • Can be performed “blind” without divulging your company’s name.

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