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Sales Performance International (SPI) is a global sales performance improvement firm dedicated to helping companies drive measurable and sustainable revenue growth and operational sales performance improvement.

SPI is the leader in helping companies successfully transition from selling products to marketing and selling high-value solutions. SPI offers a learning curriculum for solution-focused selling, coupled with “buyer-aligned” process, methodology, and management consulting. These strategic, operational and tactical solutions enable clients to build a lasting foundation for sustainable top-line growth.

SPI is the exclusive owner of Solution Selling®, the industry standard for sales execution process. Used by more than 600,000 sales professionals worldwide, Solution Selling provides the foundation of process and practices that can make "eagles" out of average sales performers.

Originally developed in the 1980's, Solution Selling has evolved considerably to keep pace with the latest economic trends and business conditions. SPI continues to research the most effective selling practices in the world and is committed to constantly refining and improving the content contained in Solution Selling and throughout our entire portfolio of sales performance improvement offerings.

SPI clients include Microsoft, Heineken, Hitachi Data Systems, Manpower, IBM, WIX and Verizon. For more information, visit www.spisales.com or email info@spisales.com.

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