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Prime Account Development Program

The Prime Account Development Program is like a “sales prospecting campaign on steroids”. It is primarily focused on developing highly-targeted or strategic sales accounts for sales reps to pursue and close. The Prime Account Program was specifically designed to:

  • Obtain entry to and perform due diligence on critical accounts that are difficult to penetrate.
  • Quickly flush out “bad-fits” and other “dead-end” opportunities that waste sales rep’s precious time.
  • dentify multiple sales opportunities within large, diversified, and distributed organizations (when client’s offering is a “departmental” or program-based solution).
  • Obtain more indepth & pertinent information from key accounts relative to their needs, purchase situation, and key influencers (organizational mapping) to fully empower your sales force.
  • Further develop key accounts (facilitating their buying process & shortening your sales-cycle) prior to Sales hand-off (fully leverage your selling resources).
  • Pursue key accounts that you are concerned about loosing due to insufficient sales coverage.
  • Evaluate the sales potential and value of strategic accounts to help prioritize sales activity and develop a near-term sales attack plan.

Meta’s Prime Account Program is executed only by our most skilled sales facilitators, most with both sales prospecting and selling experience. Meta’s communicators understand both the buying process and sales cycle, and what is required to develop opportunities for sales closure. Most important, execution of the Prime Account Program is facilitated by Meta’s TeleProspecting® process. This proven approach incorporates a rigorous 10 step sales prospecting methodology with effective calling and emailing techniques to maximize contact rates and completed discussions. The result is a shortened sales cycle.and the elimination of dead-end opportunities from your sales pipeline.

Sales opportunities developed by Meta’s Prime Account Program normally result in a scheduled sales call appointments or on-site sales meetings and are thoroughly documented. Meta’s sales development experts are available via email and telephone to answer any questions your sales reps have and provide advice on how best to move forward with these critical accounts. Our skilled sales facilitators identify near & medium-term sales opportunities; as well as, uncover latent (unrealized) and future interest – maximizing the return from your target market. Prime accounts entering your sales pipeline from Meta are documented to match your sales grading and classification criteria.

Prime Account Development Program - Deliverables

  • Indepth intelligence about the account, including:
    • Confirmation that the account matches your demographic (targeting) fit criteria
    • Identification of the targeted champion, economic, technical and/or user buyer(s)
    • Providing indepth information on the account’s critical issue(s), needs/buying situation, technical (system/process) environment, interest/urgency level, budget, etc.
    • Discovering the competing solutions and budgetary/funding allocations
    • Determining where the sales opportunity is in its buying process
    • Identification of others on the “buying” team, their purchase role, reporting relationship, and “position” relative to your and other’s solutions (organizational mapping).
  • The optional delivery of sales demonstrations and the facilitation of financial justification scenarios.
  • Recommendations on how best to proceed with each key account.

The Prime Account Development Program is available as a stand-alone market development effort and as a program integrated with an existing teleprospecting campaign being executed by Meta.

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