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Meta has been helping companies with hard-to-sell products and services to increase sales since 1992. Our sales-support services have helped 100s of companies boost the effectiveness of their sales forces and have helped Marketing be significantly more productive. Because our services have been developed and perfected to address the challenges of our clients, they closely align with our clients' core needs, thereby producing greater results and superior customer satisfaction.

Working with such a large number of companies has given us tremendous experience marketing and selling a broad-range of products and services in nearly every market, whether commercial or government, in North America and Western Europe. A considerable amount of our experience lies in the marketing and selling of expensive information technology offerings to high-level executives. This is one of the most challenging areas of sales and marketing today and the arena in which we excel.

Our methods are unique, proven, measurable, and repeatable. Our clients greatly benefit from this uniqueness in the following ways:

  • We will tell you if you have a bad idea. Our longevity has "allowed" us to see and try many things, learning the hard way. You benefit since we will share with you what works and what hasn't, enabling you to reap the return and avoid the mistakes of others.
  • We won't waste your money. We will discourage clients from aggressive campaign ramp-up when it is premature and pro-actively encourage clients to reshape their campaign when appropriate or discontinue it when it becomes ineffective.
  • We hold weekly conference calls with our clients to review the progress of their campaigns and make refinements to maximize their effectiveness.
  • All clients' materials and database(s) are treated confidentially and are NOT used for other clients' campaigns. Campaign databases, incorporating all corrections, responses, and intelligence gathered, are returned to the client upon campaign completion.
  • Most of our services are supported by rules-based systems that are highly configurable to match the unique needs of each client. – thereby ensuring that our deliverables consistently meet our client's expectations.
  • We have developed and employ a unique 5-step sales prospecting method that greatly improves the quantity and quality of deliverables.
  • We provide training workshops and consulting on our 5-step sales prospecting method; as well as, enumerable and valuable techniques to increase the effectiveness of your internal sales and marketing operation.

"You’re definitely stronger than the others we’ve outsourced to. The difference is your process. I’m very happy with the results. ...you’re better than anyone else we’ve used.”

Marc Digiorgio, VP Sales & Marketing

Meta Marketing's services fall into the following areas:

  • Sales Pipeline Development - We develop a healthy sales pipeline to increase the quantity and quality of sales opportunities for Sales Representatives to pursue and close. This service is provided in two forms: 1) an economical product (feature/benefit) based program, and 2) a highly-effective pain/need-based program (based on the widely respected Solution Selling® methodology). Both employ our proven 5-step TeleProspecting® process. For companies with an abundance of leads, Meta also provides a lead qualification and development service. For new sales executives who want to know the health of their sales pipeline, Meta provides a sales pipeline assessment service.
  • Seminar & Event Recruitment - We identify and register individuals to attend sales and marketing events. In addition, we uniquely set sales call appointments with those who can't attend, thereby maximizing the return on the client's recruiting investment.
  • Database Building and Clean-up - We build and refine sales prospect and customer database(s). Meta specializes in acquiring, consolidating, and cleaning-up marketing and sales databases. Companies migrating to CRM systems use Meta to standardize, combine, and de-dupe their databases during implementation. Meta provides both programmatic (software-based) and expert-based (record reconciliation, contact identification and data verification) database clean-up services.
  • Intelligence Gathering - We capture and analyze critical information about the client's market, key sales opportunities, and the competition.
  • Sales Process Improvement - We provide consulting services to build and refine internal sales and marketing related processes.
  • Sales Prospecting Training Services - We offer a number of sales prospecting training workshops based on our proven 5-step TeleProspecting® method. We also offer a realistic interactive game for building prospecting skills.

To discuss any of our services in more detail, please call (800) 531-6382 or send us an email.

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