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Today, in business-to-business sales and marketing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to generate high-quality sales prospects. Competition has forced more companies to proactively market to your target market(s), diluting your presence, increasing competitive influences, and making it more difficult for you to develop and close business. Equally as challenging today, is the difficulty identifying, reaching, and delivering your value proposition to those targeted. This is largely due to the “protectionist” or blocking stance that “font line” phone answerers have taken to outside callers and the growing reliance of decision-maker’s on voicemail and email to screen their communications.

Meta’s Solution Selling® TeleProspecting® Service effectively overcomes these and similar marketing and sales challenges. Some of the key advantages of Meta’s unique approach are:

  • It allows Meta's sales facilitators to target high in organizations where the decision makers and economic buyers reside.
  • The discussions with prospective buyers center around their issues and challenges as they relate to your solution, not the supporting technology, its features & benefits, or pricing.
  • Our approach quickly flushes out those that aren’t a good match for your offering so your sales reps don’t waste their time with “dead” leads.
  • Our approach builds both curiosity and serious interest for your solution when there was none before (latent pain) -- allowing you to have more control over the sales/buying process and uncovering sales opportunities you would not otherwise have discovered.
  • Sales prospect quality is consistently high, many resulting in proposals and forecastable sales.

Why does Solution Selling Teleprospecting work so well?

Solution Selling TeleProspecting merges Meta’s proven TeleProspecting process with the highly-effective Solution Selling methodology of Sales Performance International. Our TeleProspecting process is a rigorous 10 step phone sales prospecting approach that ensures consistent results of the highest quality matching your company’s unique criteria. The integrated Solution Selling method enables our skilled sales facilitators to reach and have meaningful discussions with high-level buyers about your product or service.

Traditional prospecting methods promote a product or service based on its features & benefits, the technology involved, special deals and competitive pricing -- attempting to convince the recipient to buy, independent of their need. Solution Selling TeleProspecting, on the other hand, focuses on identifying the needs of the buyer (in terms of the problems or issues driving the need, "the pains"), and positions the client's solution to address the problems or issues -- facilitating a far more natural, and effective buying process, and usually at a higher entry-point in the organization.

Applying this buyer-centric or "pain" based approach to sales prospecting, enables Meta's sales facilitators to approach and have pertinent decisions with decision makers who are becoming increasingly resistive to traditional cold calls. Prior to campaign launch, Meta works collaboratively with our client to develop effective "pain" statements -- used to elicit a need for the client's solution. Meta draws on more than 15 years experience helping other client's develop pain statements that work.

What kind of return can I expect?

Because Solution Selling TeleProspecting generates higher quality sales opportunities, your close rate will be higher and you will spend far less time with the "no buy" opportunities. Since Meta focuses on identifying and satisfying the buyer's fundamental issue (not presenting how "great" the product or service is), the buying process is accelerated, allowing you to close more business in less time, reducing your cost of sales. Meta's client have found that opportunities identified and developed using Solution Selling TeleProspecting are at least two times more likely to close than those uncovered using traditional sales prospecting methods. Further, with Meta's approach, much more relevant and in-depth information is gathered from prospects relative to their needs (and justification) for your solution. And, as a by-product of this approach, you will clearly understand why people purchase or don't purchase your solution(s) -- helping you develop & enhance your marketing and selling technique; as well as, enhance your product or service offerings.

What kind of product or service knowledge is required?

Very little. Our sales facilitators primarily need to know how our client's solution helps address the needs of the individual(s) and organization being targeted. Because Solution Selling TeleProspecting focuses on the buyer's situation, not the product or service, minimal product or service training is required. This makes it possible for your campaign to ramp-up quickly and be effective in as little as a day or so of calling. Using Solution Selling TeleProspecting, it is not unusual for our sales facilitators to begin generating qualified sales opportunities the first day of the campaign.

What about other firms that say they do solution selling prospecting?

Meta is frequently told by its prospects and clients that some telemarketing firms claim they use a "solution selling" approach. These firms say that their approach focuses on selling your complete solution, not just your product or service. Obviously, these firms are unfamiliar with the real Solution Selling® method that Meta successfully employs. More importantly, Meta is the only sales prospecting firm certified by Sales Performance International (the owner of the Solution Selling methodology) to use this effective approach. Meta's sales facilitators have completed extensive on-line and classroom training on Solution Selling and are well versed in this highly-effective pain-based prospecting approach.

How does Meta insure quality, consistency, & high productivity?

Solution Selling TeleProspecting is reinforced by Meta’s prospecting systems infastructure, including Meta's prospect management system, TELE-QUAL®, and its campaign execution management system, Smart Call™. In continual refinement since 1993, TELE-QUAL supports all calling activities at Meta, streamlining and overseeing the work performed on each client database record. Smart Call, a rules-based system, manages the daily calling effort of each client's campaign by identifying and prioritizing what records are to be worked and when, based on the status of each record and where it is in its “life-cycle.” Smart Call optimizes and expedites how each client's campaign is executed -- maximizing calling efficiency, the caliber & quantity of deliverables, and ultimately, your return-on-investment.

What is needed to implement a Solution Selling TeleProspecting campaign?

  • A database of suspects or leads to pursue (Meta can help you acquire a database to match your needs).
  • A definition of your target audience
  • Pain statements describing the critical issue(s), frustrations, and/or problems experienced by prospective buyers. (Meta can help you develop & refine these).
  • One or more short reference or success stories that describe how your solution has addressed the "pains" (Meta can help you create these as well).
  • Exploration questions to help qualify and develop your opportunities (We know what works and what doesn't).
  • Responses to frequently asked questions that we typically encounter (We can supply you with a list of the common questions asked).
  • Your marketing material, usually in the form of PDF file(s) -- generally a product/service-specific piece and a short company overview.


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