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Sales Pipeline Management System

TELE-QUAL is a sales database management system developed by Meta Marketing that greatly facilitates and streamlines the sales prospecting and selling process.

TELE-QUAL delivers fully qualified sales prospects along with a high-level of prospect intelligence to sales managers who need to fill and maintain their sales pipelines. TELE-QUAL is also an effective tool for verifying the status of prospects in a sales forecast and enables sales managers to prioritize their sales efforts, manage their sales staff, and provide more accurate information about pending opportunities.

TELE-QUAL is different than other lead management systems in that it is a fully closed-loop system. It can track opportunities through the entire sales cycle, notify the client immediately by e-mail or fax of qualified prospects, and most importantly, eliminate the possibility of prospects slipping between the cracks. The system automatically notifies prospectors of scheduled, confirmation, and planned call-backs based on client-specified follow-up criteria. Using TELE-QUAL, Meta has achieved greater success converting suspect leads into interested prospects wanting to talk with a sales representative. The system optimizes the entire prospecting process and produces a wide range of reports to keep sales management well informed. Some of the reports include:

  • Client Action Notification (Lead sheet)
  • Sales Pipeline Status
  • Call-back report
  • Prospect and Client Appointment Reminders
  • Campaign Performance Status
  • Lead Activity History Log
  • Contact Response Variation Report
  • Best Time To Call Report
  • Not-Interested Reason Summary

TELE-QUAL facilitates the collection of important information about prospects such as their buying stage, the decision-maker's role on the buying team, the purchase time frame, budget, competitive influences, requirements specified, pre-conceived notions and conclusions. In addition, each opportunity can be assigned a sales grade to help track its relative significance and potential through the sales cycle. Further, the people on the buying team, their relationship, titles, and purchase roles can be identified and mapped.

TELE-QUAL is flexible enough to accommodate lead data in the client's data format as well as accept and respond to leads originating from inbound mail, phone calls, faxes, and web-based responses. The TELE-QUAL system enables "intelligent" fulfillment by rapidly generating customized follow-up letters and tracking all materials mailed to each prospect.

TELE-QUAL is a fundamental component of Meta's sales prospecting process. It assures that clients' databases are efficiently filtered and "mined" for all opportunities, that sales prospects are fully qualified, that critical information is captured, and that prospect progress is carefully monitored and managed. The result is a greater yield for less investment in a shorter amount of time.

"Meta's TELE-QUAL® system provides my sales representatives with immediate notification when prospect interest is identified. The system also provides timely, detailed information on overall campaign performance and valuable insight into our target market, giving us feedback that would be difficult to obtain otherwise."

Ed Lennon, Sales Manager at Cincom Systems

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