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Sales Prospecting Workshop
& Training Aids

Meta Marketing's sales prospecting workshop and training aids are designed for organizations that sell to other businesses and/or the government through field, inside, and indirect/channel sales representatives. Meta's process-oriented skill-building workshops and training aids are particularly valuable to organizations selling products and services that are expensive, complex, intangible or otherwise difficult-to-sell. The workshop methods, best-practices, and tactics, when effectively deployed, significantly increase the size and value of your sales pipeline, resulting in increased win-rate, deal size, and quota attainment, as well as shorter sales cycles

Sales TeleProspecting® Workshop

This workshop develops and enhances phone & email based sales prospecting and qualification skills for companies with less-complex offerings typically sold to mid to high-level managers in the SMB (small to medium-size business) market. It presents the proven 5-Step TeleProspecting® process and the highly-effective prospecting techniques developed and utilized daily by Meta, that has provided tens-of-thousands of high-caliber sales prospects to hundreds of clients since 1992. This workshop addresses topics ranging from targeting, fit assessment, and buyer identification to message delivery, needs identification, and intelligence gathering, as well as difficult account penetration, database/market maximization, and opportunity "attack strategy". It incorporates skills-building exercises & role-playing to enhance the learning experience and drive knowledge & skills retention. This workshop is ideal for demand generators, lead qualifiers, inside-sales agents, direct & indirect sales reps, and others who sell by phone, as well as those who oversee these individuals. Pre and post- workshop consulting is available to address customization, workshop method and guidance implementation, and specific challenges limiting caller performance. Workbooks containing the workshop slides and exercises, as well as additional examples, templates, and supporting materials are available for the participants.

For more information on the Sales TeleProspecting, Workshop, please refer to our brochure or call (800)


Sales Challenge – Skills-Building Scenario Flash Cards


This sales prospecting skills-enhancing tool builds confidence and competence through a wide-range of realistic and specific roll-playing exercises. Two participants interact independently of an instructor – one plays the prospector or seller and the other acts as the prospective buyer. The seller is presented with a specific challenge, such as dealing with a gatekeeper or making an introductory call to a targeted buyer. The buyer's responses are scripted to model one of many real world situations the prospector is likely to encounter for the prospecting phase being "reinforced". Prospecting phases include: fit assessment & target contact identification; message delivery and pain/need identification; need & situation exploration; opportunity qualification; building credibility & trust; and next step planning. Prospectors will confront situations involving: blockers, screeners, gatekeepers, voicemail systems, wrong contacts, and targeted individuals providing favorable, unfavorable, & neutral responses. Prospectors are challenged to apply a standard proven process, overcome numerous obstacles, and share the appropriate next-step action(s) with his/her training partner. Prospectors learn agility and prospecting best-practices through a fun, interactive and realistic skills-building activity. Sales Challenge™ promotes the use of Meta's proven highly-effective 5-Step prospecting process, ideally suited for companies with hard-to-sell offerings selling into multi-buyer sales situations. Sales Challenge includes more than 50 Skills-Building scenarios, plus a complete training call-guide, that can be customized to your specific prospecting situation.

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