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Why Meta?

Our Experience

Meta Marketing has been delivering high-quality sales prospects to Fortune 1000 and smaller businesses since 1992. We help companies succeed and grow that have hard-to-sell products and services. Our market experience is broad, having penetrated most markets and industries for our clients. We know what works and what doesn't, having executed 1000s of prospecting campaigns of every nature. And, with this experience, we can help you design and execute a truly successful sales prospecting program that will launch quickly and deliver the high-caliber results you expect for a price you can afford.

Our Proven Process

Meta applies a proven process to all facets of sales prospecting -- from database clean-up and lead-qualification to sales appointment-setting and event-attendee recruiting. Meta has developed a unique 5-Step TeleProspecting® process to maximize opportunity identification, qualification, and development, significantly increasing the quality, quantity, and consistency of deliverables. We use a proprietary closed-loop database management system (TELE-QUAL®) for tracking and managing all opportunities. This optimizes the effectiveness of our callers and allows us to fully-leverage the potential of our clients' databases. In addition, we developed and use a rules-based Smart Call™ technology to ensure every opportunity is worked to its fullest potential by applying a consistent, effective approach and that no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Our Message Delivery Method

Meta employs a message delivery method that is extremely effective for reaching and having meaningful conversations with high-level decision-makers. Our method is well-suited for difficult-to-sell offerings, like commercial software and support services as well as for selling into complex (multi-buyer) sales situations with longer sales cycles.

Our message delivery method produces a quick and accurate assessment of the prospect’s need(s). It focuses on the prospect's business issues that can be addressed by your solution rather than on its features and benefits, which can turn off potential buyers. This issue-driven or "pain-based" approach enables us to identify and develop more high-quality opportunities than with traditional prospecting methods. This issue-driven approach enables Meta to ramp up quickly and produce more results faster, without requiring in-depth training or a long learning curve.

Meta's issue-driven method quickly identifies opportunities who are looking for a solution; as well as, those with need who have yet to seek a solution. Traditional prospecting approaches focus solely on identifying active buying situations, ignoring the highly-lucrative and less-competitive opportunities with real need that aren't currently looking. Meta's clients are frequently the first vendor on the scene, enabling them to shape the buying vision and avoid the disadvantages of entering a competitive situation.

"Meta Marketing's lead qualification and market research group has been very effective at getting through to and discussing complex business issues with high-level executives."

Tom Morrison, Director of Marketing at Lanvision

Our Reporting

Meta's methodology and systems produce an abundance of data which is beneficial for managing and fine-tuning campaigns; as well as understanding market needs and preferences about client offerings. We have developed an array of reporting tools to extract and analyze the data captured in your database by our callers and systems. We know what's going on at all levels of our campaigns, and can therefore quickly identify and resolve any emerging problems. We keep our clients well-informed of campaign progress and deliverables and hold weekly campaign reviews to optimize campaign effectiveness.

Example reports include: Client Notifications (“Lead Sheets”), Calling Statistics, Heard-Message Reports, Action-Required Reports, No-Interest Reason Reports, Action-Satisfied Reports, and Database Stratification Reports that break down and analyze the important components of your calling database throughout the life of the calling campaign. Reports can be customized to fit a client's specific requirements.

Our reports allow you to proactively manage your campaign
while fully leveraging the value of your database.

Our Clients

Meta's clients include Sungard, Manhattan Associates, Callidus Software, Convergys, Lexis Nexis, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Cincom Systems, and CMP Media; as well as, many smaller high-tech companies and startup companies located throughout North America and Western Europe. Our clients tell us that we repeatedly out-produce their other sales and marketing development programs, including direct mail, advertising, webinars, tradeshows, and other sales prospecting campaigns – and we have the testimonials to back it up!

If you are considering outsourcing your sales prospecting effort or comparing different sales prospecting vendors/solutions, Meta has the justification and comparison tools you need. Please call (800) 531-6382 for help in this area.

"Meta Marketing is our most cost effective lead generation source. When compared with direct mail, advertising, trade shows, seminars, and other traditional lead sources, Meta significantly produces more leads per marketing dollar".

Randy Saunders, Marketing Manager at Cincom Systems.

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